Abigail is a poetic old soul with a fetish for satirical comedy and a love for all things Kurt Vonnegut and Greta Gerwig. How can someone so good looking be so interesting, too?”
— Abigail Ludrof, alone in her kitchen after a few glasses of Cabernet

Abigail was born and raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania to a relatively normal family. She soon figured out that “being normal is vastly overrated.” So, she took her intelligence, intuition, sense of humor, and determination, and “wasted it on an acting career” as some old school teacher would suggest. As JL (AKA John Lennon. His closest pals referred to him as “JL.” You didn’t know?) once said, “Time enjoyed wasting is not time wasted.” (Or something like that. She didn’t look it up to make sure it was word perfect. Forgive her.)

Well, Abigail’s certainly been enjoying wasting her time on her craft in New York City. In her seventh year as a resident, first in Harlem, then Queens, and now happily settled in Brooklyn, she is hungrier than ever. She is currently studying acting with Anthony Abeson, and has studied Improv at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade and The People’s Improv Theater. She currently performs with her improv team, Bride of Honor, regularly around NYC. She recently starred as astrophysicist Vera Rubin (look her up, she rocks) in the short biopic, Into the Void, and is developing a few projects of her own creation. Abigail also writes her own music and dabbles in the ukulele, piano, and guitar. She’s a great mover, a fast learner, and a versatile vocalist. Abigail has starred alongside the likes of Carolee Carmello, Phillipa Soo, Rachel Bay Jones, and more of Broadway’s best.

Photos by Wil Pierce